BAMASELO came to be from a newspaper ad. Back in 2001, it was posted an ad in the classifieds asking people who were interested in reggae and played an instrument to contact him. After meeting , the group fired up and began rehearsing. But after meeting the singer Michael Livingston, the group consolidated so it was time to play the first gigs. This is how the band came to be. Members of the actual band have taken part in other projects in Costa Rica music scene before, which include Gandhi, Mekatelyu and Nada. With time, the meaning for BAMASELO has come to reflect almost an ideology for the band, being a crude analogy for ACTION! This sense of movement the band has reflected upon stage and in every challenge: action speaks louder than words.In the recent years, BAMASELO has been beating their kete and djembe drums to a loud beat, which has shaken the reggae scene in their city. Sharing stage with different reggae stars amongst which we can mention Nonpalidece, Sizzla, Eek-A-Mouse, TOK, Gondwana, Resistencia Suburbana, Chuck Fender, Raices y Cultura, and recently Israel Vibrations, Johnny Dread, Ritchie Spice, and even one of the offspring for one of the founders of the contemporary sound of reggae, Bob Marley’s son Ky-mani Marley. Shows have grown and an increased radio play in not only Costa Rica but Mexico, Switzerland and the US shows a foreword of things to come. No to mention all the Costa Rican reggae artists like Mekatelyu, Trinity Roots Band and Resistencia, to mention a few that had shared the lights with Bamaselo.In short time to come, with the birth of their first album, BAMASELO will be expanding their horizons, and share their reggae vibration with the world, making sure to beat the foundations and energize the public for years to come.

psalms up revelation

corrupt politicians

natural (hard times riddim)

no woman no cry (dubplate M. livingston)

rude boy

sweet sweet loving (ganja Farmer riddm)

who jah bless no man course (The Mission riddim)

Bamaselo CR

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